The more you use, The more you save

Myvanto is committed to continue to provide GREEN energy solutions for our future.

Understanding the efficiency of wind and solar energy, we guarantee to provide the most cost effective solutions.

Myvanto is still passionate about the implementation of renewable energy sources in many countries.
Through our work, Africa and the continent of America are avoiding tons of emissions from the power station yearly.

This is our satisfaction and gives us the energy to power our organization forward.

Solar & wind power source of free green energy.

Wind and solar Power become a reality in making renewable green energy a safe choice.
One of our manufacturing plant have a complete line of small to mid sized electric green generators, user friendly power system generators from capturing the wind and solar energy converting it into electricity, storing it into a user friendly generator, then having the end user just plug in whatever they want to use the free energy they captured.

This is an excellent alternative to big windmill.
Now homes, schools and businesses can produce their own green clean energy.
Leading the way for the new generation of clean green energy.

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